Some people have been having trouble trying to pay via our PayPal option. For some reason, their credit cards are not getting verified and authorized.

I was on the phone with PayPal tech support for a couple hours trying to resolve the issue. PayPal has no answer except "try another credit card." So, I told them I'd try another credit card processor --- Google Checkout. [edit Nov 2013: seems Google no longer offering Checkout or Wallet for non-Google services]

Google Checkout

You can now pay your bill with your credit card using Google's checkout services. Google requires you to register for an account with them, but the only info they ask for is the typical billing info and an email address. It's simple and safe.

Don't want to have a Google account? Well, you might already have one and not know it. Google is consolidating all of the websites to use one login. So, you will end up using this same account to access the following Google sites:

Blogger Blogger
Share your life online with a blog -- it's fast, easy, and free
Calendar Calendar
Organize your schedule and share events with friends
Docs Docs
Create and share your projects online and access them from anywhere
Gmail Gmail
Fast, searchable email with less spam
Groups Groups
Create mailing lists and discussion groups
Orkut Orkut
Meet new people and stay in touch with friends
Picasa Picasa
Find, edit and share your photos
SketchUp SketchUp
Build 3D models quickly and easily
Talk Talk
IM and call your friends through your computer
Translate Translate
View web pages in other languages
YouTube YouTubeNew!
Watch, upload and share videos

And those are just the Community type sites. Google also has productivity tools, marketing tools, and is continuing to expand. So, it will not be a bad thing to have a Google account.

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