New websites. That's the theme of February. Some personal websites, some marketing websites, and a couple of interesting "Information Portal" websites.

Information Portals?
In these websites, they are simply news feeds for information related to a certain subject. It is an interesting concept, to let Google and other websites generate the information, and put it together in one place for ease of use. Some sites can be used for advertising and monetizing, but others can be simple blogs.

Here are a few recent ones:

Other sites similar to these, old and new, are

New Book Released

Another book website, this time for, a biography of Stewart Farrar. With a similar Information Portal for, with links to other books related to Farrar and Wicca, and other interesting stuff.

The author, Elizabeth Guerra, also wanted to change her current website,, to separate her Ireland Tours from her personal site. So, her old site was moved to, and her personal site is just about her. (keeping business and personal separate). And to make it easier to find the Tour website, she has other domain names pointing to, including and

New Website - Breakaway Farm creates a blanket of security for the well being of your horse, coordinating all your horses needs: turnout, blanketing, personalized feed plan, schooling (training), and lessons.

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