ssl-ev-sevensagesSeven Sages goes Green. Well, not solar panel, reduce some footprint made of carbon thingy. This is just upgrading our SSL certificate to an SSL EV Certificate, which verifies that this website is absolutely, positively, Seven Sages, LLC.

What is the difference between a regular SSL and an EV SSL?  This is from another part of this site explaining SSL.

Go Green - with Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation features help foil phishing. True BusinessID with EV certificates require the most thorough identity authentication process performed today in order to be sure that any organization certified exists.


The green address bar displaying the organization’s name and GeoTrust as the Certification Authority is difficult for a malicious site to imitate. These two core aspects of the EV standard combine to create a strong defense against phishing scams.

Was it needed? Maybe not. But, with talk about Identity Theft, Online Privacy, HIIPA laws and Phishing Scams all over the news, the Green bar can give a little more assurance to someone visiting the website.  When they see the 'green', they know that whoever runs the website has gone through an Extended Validation (EV) process.



If you are interesting in securing your website and giving greater confidence in the safety of your site, think about going Green with your security.
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