Some services have small increases in prices. As usual, all hosting accounts are locked-in to the price they initially started with. So those that started at $240/yr soooo long ago, will always stay at that price level.

This is especially good for those with ecommerce sites, since those costs have risen to $995/yr, and those that have that service for some crazy low price under $400 continue to benefit from those locked-in prices.

Remember, the locked-in price does not mean you are locked-in to any service contract with Seven Sages. There is no obligation to stay for a set time. If you need to move your service elsewhere for any reason, you are free to do that. The locked-in price feature is simply a symbol of appreciation for those who understand and appreciate the services they are getting.

To all, thank you for your trust, and allowing me to continue to take care of your Internet Presence needs.

Brian Shea

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.