Seems my horrible writing skills caused some confusion and concern about this announcement:

So... we are going to have to stop all forwarding of email to AOL accounts.

Sorry about that. What I meant to say was, any account automatically forwarding their mail to their aol address will be changed.

For Example:

If I was to have all my mail for info@ get forwarded to my AOL address, this will have to stop.

This only affects a few people. So far, I've only counted about 12 on one server.
Only those addresses using their web address as a forward to AOL are effected.

You can still send to AOL. (AOL has removed the block). You can still manually forward to AOL. You simply cannot use AOL as the default forward for your web address.

Instead, if I were to be using AOL, I would have to cancel the forward, and setup a 'real' mailbox, using Internet Standard POP3 protocol, to receive my mail.

I would still get any mail that is specifically addressed to my AOL address.
Any mail to my web address (info@ would now be going to a mailbox setup on the website. I would then have to get the mail from this mailbox.

If I get something in my 'info' mailbox that I want to forward to AOL, I still can. I just click on 'Forward' and forward to any address I want.

What stops is the flow of spam going 'thru' this server directly to AOL.

Detailed explanation, for those still not understanding the reason.

Let's use my address an example again.
Mail for info@sevensages gets forwarded to my aol address (fakeaddress@aol).
Spammers send mail to info@seven. It's only 5 spam messages a day that get past the filters.
Those 5 spam messages get automatically forwarded to my aol account.
I see spam in my aol account, and I mark them as spam.
AOL takes note of where that spam came from, but they count the forwarding server as a source. So, by reporting that spam, I have reported my own website as a spammer.
5 a day, no problem, maybe. But, after 30 days, that's 150 reports of spam coming from my own website. And, remember, they didn't come from here. They came from some other server and were just forwarded.
So, even ONE forwarding account can put the server at risk due to AOL's inaccurate reporting method.

To reduce the risk of another Blacklisting by AOL, the only solution at this time is to disallow any automatic forwarding to an AOL account. You can forward to a Gmail account, or your ISP, or Yahoo if you want. They currently don't have any bad reporting habits.

But, you really should start using your real address as a mailbox. Stop the forwarding madness. How would it look if you sent an email to info@sevensages and got a reply from unknownLoser@aol ? Professional? Yeah, think about it.

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