It's been a busy few months. New Years Resolutions, new business plans, new determination to create a website, or finally update a website.

Besides working on several websites after the new year, we are attempting to re-work our website. New look, re-organized information, more coherent explanation of services.

A few of the projects worked on this month range from full redesign, to quick simple setups of new sites.

  • JMN Specialties (
    An overhaul of their website, making it more accessible, searchable, and adding a download section for product specific MSDS and Bulletins in PDF format. The site is a growing work in progress, as more items from their catalog are added to the site continuously.
  • New Book Release (
    With the release of a new book, author Terrie Williams wanted a website specifically setup for the book,, but needed it to also show an affiliation of the Foundation she operates -
    The web address is directed to a special section on the Stay Strong website, helping to promote both the book, and the Foundation.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.